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1:1 Relationship Where You and I Focus On Building Structures & Growth for Your Business & You

I'll help you cut through the noise, build strategies, and develop your business leadership skills

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Hey! One of my favorite parts of Entrekey is getting to work with some amazing founders and business owners on a closer scale. 

For most entreprenuers, the journey can be very lonely & overwhelming when you don't have someone you can rely on as a partner to strategize. 

That's where I come in!

Working with me, you get someone who:

  1. Keeps up to date with your business, industry, and new trends

  2. Can help you break down complex concepts into simple, actionable plans

  3. Is experienced in business management and understands what it's like to be in your shoes

"What are some things we can talk about?"

Digital Marketing

Product Development


Pitching / Presenting

Team Management

Idea Development

Web 3 (NFTs & Blockchain)


and more

"How do we get started?"

1. Watch the video at the top of this page for more context.
2. Schedule an intro session with me, using the scheduling tool below!

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