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Hi, I'm Chirag and
I Help Passionate Business Owners Navigate The Chaos

By Making Business Knowledge More Accessible

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The most important aspect of my life is that I grew up in a small business family. Literally there are videos of 3-year-old Chirag selling dressing and jackets at our store in Manhattan!

Currently, I work at Google as a Customer Sucess Lead where I get to help support large brands navigate the Google Ads ecosystem.

Growing up in a small business family, I know what it's like to have a thousand questions and not enough answers. So, I spend my free-time researching business concepts and talking to business leaders, to learn and share as much as I can. Worst case scenario, I spend a bunch of time learning stuff I find fascinating. Best case scenario, all of this helps others become better business owners!


Robert f. Hunsiker Educational Prize

Awarded to a student who has done meritorious work in the area of small-business studies

Dyer Center Fellow

Fellowship in the Dyer Center for Innovation & Entreprenuership for students focused in the development and pursual of entreprenerial ventures

Whitman Fellow

Awarded to students dedicated in the usage of Kirznerian Economics to explore entrepreneurship as a means for socio-economic growth and innovation

1st Dyer Innovator-in- Residence

A program to bring young alumni back to provide students access to specialized knowledge & mentorship

Posse Scholar

Leadership-based scholarship program providing scholars with access to prestigious colleges and post-graduate opportunities