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15 Digital Marketing Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

Here are 15 digital marketing terms every business owner should know.

Hi! Welcome to the first official youtube video for EntreKey. Where we're sharing everything we learn about being better business leaders.

In this video, Chirag breaks down 15 common digital marketing terms that you may come across when trying to advertise your business online.

0:14​ Organic Traffic

The amount of people that visit your site or business without the need for paid marketing.

1:08​ Audience

The demographic/groups of people you want to target your advertising towards.

1:44​ A/B Split Testing

A process where you test different variations of one feature of your advertising to see which variation better drives a specific action.

2:20​ Impressions

The amount of times that your ad or marketing material is shown to people.

Important to remember that this isn’t always accurately telling how many people actually saw it.

2:49​ KPI - Key Performance Indicator

Your primary metric which allows you to measure the true value of your advertising efforts.

3:26​ Conversions

The action you want individuals to take/the end goal of the specific ad or marketing effort.

3:46​ Coster Per Acquisition/Conversion

The end cost of getting a customer to make a purchase or getting a user to complete your goal action.

4:32​ CPC - Cost Per Click | PPC - Pay Per Click

The common cost structure of advertising systems like Google Ads. You’re charged for every click on your ad, not every impression.

4:57​ CTA - Call to Action

The literal, immediate action you highlight for your ad viewer to take.

5:15​ Landing Page

The website page to which you take users that click on your ads.

5:38​ Keywords

The words or phrases that are associated to/targeted by your ad. Used to determine when your ad will be shown.

6:00​ CTR - Click Through Rate

How many people who have viewed your ad (Impressions), actually click the ad to go to your landing page.

6:50​ Remarketing / Retargeting

When you specifically target your marketing for individuals that have already completed some action/interacted with your brand or marketing in the past.

7:20​ Conversion Path

The steps that the average user has to take in order to complete your goal action/conversion.

7:54​ SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The process of filling your website with high quality content and keywords so that search engines like Google can better pair you with users searching for your field.

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