• Chirag Nijjer

This Fundamental Tool Can Help You Map Your Customer Reach Process | AIDA Marketing Funnel

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The AIDA funnel is one of the most fundamental sales/marketing tools you should understand.

When you market your business, there’s a series of stages all your potential customers go through.

Stage 1: Awareness |

Here, they learn about the fact that you or your product or industry exist

Stage 2: Interest |

Here, they learn more about your specific product and brand and they compare them to your competitors

Stage 3: Desire |

Here, they begin to clearly prefer your business/product and they begin to want to buy

Stage 4: Action |

Here, they finally are driven to take an action like purchase your product or sign up for your service

By mapping out your process and measuring the percentages of people that move through the stages, you can find areas of opportunities for your business might be weaker.

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