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From Complex Concepts
To Simple English, High Audience Engagement, and Actionable Takeways

I hate boring presentations. So let's make this fun, informative, and actionable!

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In my talks and workshops, the goal's always to be extremely interactive with the audience and to provide them with actionable takeaways.

The goal is not for you to just come to just hear me talk about some concept and then leave. The goal is for there is be space of active learning, communication, and for you to leave know the exact next steps to get started!

Below are some of the past talks I've done, some topics I feel confidenct speaking about, and a way to schedule some time with me to discuss details.

"What are some things you can present on?"

Digital Market 101

What is Web 3.0

The Fundamentals of Storytelling

Becoming a Better Presenter

How to Effectively Manage a Team

How to Develop and Test an Idea

The Fundamentals of Project Management

Building Your Business Competitive Edge

And more, schedule some time!

"How do we get started?"

1. Watch the video at the top of this page for more context.
2. Fill out the form below and I'll send over details about scheduling an intro session with me!

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